Review : Supernanny : How to Get the Best from Your Children by Jo Frost

ImageI was actually quite bored by this book. Although the book is divided into different topics (e.g. eating, bedtime), the methods are basically the same, so you end up feeling like reading something that is being repeated over and over again.

I suppose the point of the repetition is to show the readers that the underlying principle is the same, the method is really simple and can be applied in various situations (with some modification). The downside is that it gets really boring to read after a while.

In my opinion, there is nothing really revolutionary about her methods. It is all common sense. The key to the issue is whether the parents are able to consistently and persistently apply the methods, and this is the same for any kind of disciplinary methods, not just Supernanny’s method. Without being persistent and consistent, nothing will work, short of having Supernanny live in with you and do all the disciplining until the kids are 18 years old.

Verdict :

Nothing revolutionary and rather repetitive. If you have seen the show on TV, you don’t have to buy the book. Everything is the same. At least the show (which I think is also quite repetitive) has something more interesting to offer – watching the horrifying behaviour of the kids. *evil laughter*

This book is also not for people who think that discipline is synonymous with punishment, which is synonymous with violence and child abuse.

However, if you are desperate and have absolutely no idea how to take control of your life (which has been turned upside down by your kids’ behaviour), you may find this book useful. At least when the TV series ends its run, you have the book to refer to any time you want.