What To Do About Nosebleed?

What would you do if your child’s nose is bleeding?

1. Clean up the blood?

2. Make the child lie down flat or make the child look up, tilting his head back, until the bleeding stops?

I know these are the things that older folks would do. Somehow, without questioning, we following the same procedures. It was only when Dominic had a nosebleed that I found out that we have been doing things all wrong!

It turned out to be a good thing that I am quite afraid of bloody scene (which means I could never be a doctor no matter how hard my mother wished). It was also a blessing in disguise that I never had a nosebleed in my life and therefore, don’t really know what to do. I only had a vague idea of the above mentioned Points 1 & 2 because I have seen adults doing them whenever my friends or siblings had a nosebleed.

So when Dominic had a nosebleed one day, I totally panicked. All sorts of scary thoughts went through my mind. I called up my parents. I called up my husband. I called everyone that I could call to ask them what I should do. All told me to do Point 1 & 2, and assured me that there was nothing to be panicky about. It was only a nosebleed. Even Dominic could tell me what his teachers did when he had a nosebleed in school. Same thing. Point 1 & 2.

But just because everybody does the same thing does not mean that it must be right. Because I didn’t know anything about nosebleed, I went to check the internet. Surprise, surprise! What we have all been doing are all the wrong things to do!

When there is a nosebleed, you should :

1. Pinch the soft part of the nose against the centre, using the thumb and forefinger, for about 5 to 10 minutes. If you child is old enough, he can pinch his nose himself. This is similar to applying pressure on wounds to stop bleeding.

2. Tilt the head of the child forward, NOT backwards. This will ensure that there will not be back flow of blood and your child won’t swallow the blood. It is harmless if he does, but it might trigger vomiting.

3. Make the child sit up, NOT lie down. The idea is that when you lie down, more blood rushes to your head, which increases pressure and worsen the bleeding. If you sit up, there will be less bleeding.

4. Apply cold compress across the bridge of the nose, if you wish.

5. Repeat the steps above until bleeding stops.

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Disclaimer : The information shared in this article is not meant to substitute professional medical advice. Please bring your child to the doctor if you have questions or concerns regarding the health of your child.