Sweet Chestnut Porridge

Image  ‘Tis the season for chestnuts. Have you experimented with using chestnuts in your cooking?

Here’s a new recipe I created for Damien. It is very easy really, except for the part about preparing the chestnuts. You can always prepare it beforehand. This porridge is great for the under-12 months because the natural sweetness of chestnuts gives the porridge natural flavouring without you having to add seasoning.



6-8 Chestnuts (more if you like, no problem)

1/2 cup rice (I use half brown rice with half white)

small handful of wolfberries

3 – 5 dried red dates, stoned

1 small boneless chicken breast meat

2 cups stock (more as needed) + some water, as needed



1. Prepare the chestnuts. I recommend that you buy those with the outer shell already removed. Saves you a lot of work. Still, you need to remove the skin inside. This is not difficult. Just boil the chestnut in hot water for a while, dunk in cold water after that, and the skin should come off quite easily.

2. You may wish to pre-cook the peeled chestnuts in some water to soften it first. I cook them with brown rice since I always cook the brown rice first because it takes longer to cook.

3. When brown rice/chestnut is cooked, add in the rest of the ingredients and cook until everything is soft, porridge texture.

4. Remove the chicken breast meat. Shred with hand or put through food processor. Return the meat into the porridge.

5. Season to taste if your baby is over 12 months old.

6. Mush up the chestnuts with a fork before you serve, depending on your baby’s need. You can even put everything – porridge with all ingredients – through the blender for a pureed texture.