Review : Are We Having Fun Yet? by Kay Willis

There are some books that you read that are the ‘turning point’ kind of books. For me, this is one of those book and I would highly recommend this to any mothers, especially SAHMs.

This book is written by a mother of 10 (!) and it really helped me put in perspective a lot of things – that at the end, our kids are not going to remember how clean the house is but how we spend time with them, that we should learn to have fun all the time (even when parenting 10 kids!), be good to ourselves, etc.

A lot of mothers like myself are so bothered everyday with the ‘things’. We are worried about how clean the house is (and it is never clean enough), we are stressed by the fact that we can’t figure out what to cook for meals, we get irritated when our kids clamour for our attention too much, we are worried about whether we are doing things right in bringing up our kids, and the list is never-ending. But don’t we all lose sight of what is really important in the midst of all these ‘things’?

This book reminds me of what parenting is all about, of the really important things in life. I learned to relax a bit more and keep things in perspective. So what if the house is not as clean as I want it to be? Or we are eating more take-out’s than I would like? Instead of spending the time stressing over things that do not last, at least I can be more relax and spend better time with my kids.

Once in a while, when I get too ‘tight-assed’ about things again, I will read this book again to remind myself to learn to let go and ‘have fun’.

The book is written in a chatty, easy-to-read style. It is not thick and you should be able to get through it quickly. Highly recommended.