Review : Water Cushion


Purpose : Fever management

I think this was originally used by taxi drivers or basically vehicle drivers. They sit on it and I suppose it keeps them cool on a hot day in a hot vehicle?

Well, it works just as well for a feverish child. Let your child lie on it and it will help to keep the temperature down. KK hospital uses this in their children ward.

Another wonderful use of this is to keep yourself cool on a hot hot day!

Comes in cushion size, long version (for old child to lie on) and even a pillow version.

Likes :

Easy to use and effective. I won’t say that this will replace sponging, but well, maybe with this, you may not need to sponge as often. Sponging is troublesome and awfully uncomfortable to a feverish child, so it is wonderful that this can help. But remember, if the temperature is high and it is necessary to sponge, please sponge! And this is not an alternative to medicine. It is only a tool to help keep temperature down, much like sponging, and cool gel.

Dislikes :

Your child may not like to be put on it because it is cold and when you are hot, you won’t like to be placed on something cold suddenly. This is the only down side and I get around it by placing a thin towel over it before placing my baby on it. It takes away the sharp and sudden temperature contrast. After a while, the coolness still seeps through. You can also put the cushion into a pillowcase.

Oh, another small negative point is that it is quite heavy, but if you don’t need to lug it around, then this is not an issue.

Verdict :

A must-have if you have young children at home. Uh..great for a hot day too.

Where to get :

KK Hospital Children’s Pharmacy. Occasionally, you see this at baby shops. You may also be able to find them at petrol kiosks. Retail price ranges from around $10 to $15. Comes in different sizes, including a pillow version.