Review : MotherMates Hydrogel Discs


Purpose : Sore/Cracked Nipples

These are hydrogel dressing using the concept of ‘moist wound healing’. They are supposed to be useful for sore and cracked nipples. For more information on the product, refer to


I experienced slight sore nipples when I started breastfeeding my second child, and this dressing was indeed very cool and soothing, providing the much needed relief. They are quite good for sore nipples and not as messy as Lansinoh breast cream. Lansinoh cream tend to stick to breastpads and it can be painful when removing breastpads after a while. You won’t have this problem with the hydrogel discs.

Although they are a little costly ($18.50 for 2 pcs), they can be used repeatedly until the discs become murky looking.


It’s a little troublesome to use, if you follow the instructions on the packaging strictly. Each time you take the dressing off, you have to wash it with warm water, pat dry and keep back in the plastic packaging. Then you need to clean your nipples before feeding. When you have a wailing infant to feed, it may not be too convenient to follow these steps. I ended up taking short cuts, like just taking the discs out, feed, and prop them back again. So it is best to use them when you expect a long break before the next feed.

Although the discs are contoured so that they can fit on your nipple area, I find that they don’t really fit very well.

Verdict :

If you have a real bad case of sore or cracked nipple, it would be useful to have these around. Otherwise, I think normal breast cream would suffice.

Where to get : Moms in Mind

Price : $18.50 for 2 pcs