Review : Lansinoh Breast Cream


Purpose : Sore/Cracked Nipples

The only one endorsed by the La Leche League International, this breast cream is a must-have for all breastfeeding mothers. It’s the only ultra pure, medical grade lanolin, if I am not wrong.

Likes :

I use this even when I have only slight sore nipple when I nurse my 2nd baby. It is great as a barrier cream to be applied right before shower/bath, to keep the water from drying up the delicate skin at the nipple area.


The texture is thick and gooey, so it can get a bit messy. Wearing breastpads is a must or else the cream will get onto your bra.

Verdict :

You must have this if you have sore nipples.

Where to get : Moms in Mind, and I believe, the shop at Mt. Alvernia Hospital.

Price : MIM price S$6.50 per 7g tube.