Review : Clarins Body Treatment Oil “Tonic”


Purpose : Stretch Marks

This is meant for firming and is supposed to be great for stretch marks. Do take note that there are 3 types of Body Treatment Oil under Clarins. The ‘Anti Eau’ is meant for getting rid of water retention and should not be used during pregnancy. They look exactly the same. So check the label before you buy.

For more product information, check out Clarin’s website.

The first time I was pregnant, I didn’t use any stretch mark products because firstly, I have heard from people that these things don’t really work, and secondly, when I looked at the ingredients list of the stretch mark cream in the market, I didn’t think they were very much different from normal moisturizers. Hence, by the time I reached full term, I was like a huge, pregnant zebra. My stretch marks were really bad!

When I was working in the cosmetic line, my staff from Clarins highly recommended this to me for pregnancy stretch marks. When I was pregnant with our 2nd child, I started using this right from the first trimester all the way until I gave birth. And after I gave birth, I continued using whatever leftover I had because this oil is also meant for firming. In fact, I told my Malay massage lady to use this oil on my abdomen when she does my post-natal massage.


It worked! I hardly have stretch marks the 2nd time round. Of course, some of the old ones reappeared. That couldn’t be helped. But my belly was by and large, beautifully maintained, even though the 2nd baby was bigger than the 1st. However, you probably have to start really early in your pregnancy and not wait until stretch marks start appearing though.

I also like the smell, but this is subjective. I also like the fact that it uses plants extracts, like all Clarins products.


It is really oily. So avoid applying just before you get into your going-out clothes.

Also, compared to other stretch mark cream on the market, the price is really steep.

Verdict :

Love it! Go get it! I used approximately 4 bottles, with some leftover, for one pregnancy.

Where to get : Clarins counter at all major department stores.

*Hint : get it from the Airport Cosmetic & Perfume shop. Even the one outside the restricted area is selling it much cheaper than town price (about S$57 including GST). The same goes for other Clarins products there. Better still if you have a friend who works in the airport, ask her to buy for you!