Soy Beans with Pig’s Knuckles

** This recipe is taken from Chinese Pregnancy & Confinement Cookbook by Ng Siong Mui.  An excellent recipe book that I love and used for my own confinement.  It has plenty of delicious recipes that are good even for a normal day’s meal.  I haven’t been able to find it in bookshops these days but it is available in the National Library.

According to the author, this soup will “help to ‘open up the milk glands and is full of nutrients for breastfeeding mothers.” The author also said that “soya beans are believed to possess ‘cooling’ elements, and as such, it is more recommended to new mothers whose body complex is basically ‘yang’ (heaty?)”


200g soya beans

500g pig’s knuckles

200g soft beancurd

4 slices old ginger

1 tsp salt


Soak soya beans overnight. Drain before use.

Clean and wash pig’s knuckles, removing hair, if any. Cut into big pieces.

Bring 2 litre of water to a boil. Add pig’s knuckles, soya beans and ginger. Cover and boil contents for 15 minutes over high flame.

Add the whole beancurd and simmer soup over medium-low flame for 3 hours.

Season with salt.