Handprints for Memory


Dominic did a handprint Art & Craft activity in school for Mother’s Day this year (2004) and came back with a card with his handprint and a poem behind. I posted it on my Live Journal and a friend of mine saw the post, was so touched by the poem and went to find a whole series of handprint poems. All the mommies who read them could not help shedding some tears when they read them. I still do now.

Hence, I have decided to share all the handprints poems here. They are a good reminder that our little ones grow up so fast.

A Child’s Hand

The promise of tomorrow

And the hope of dreams come true,

A reminder of the childhood

That is still a part of you.

The wonder of a miracle

From which this love began

There is so much found

In the touch of a child’s hand

Handprints on the Wall

One day as I was picking

the toys up off the floor,

I noticed a small hand print

on the wall beside the floor.

I knew that it was something

that I’d seen most every day,

but this time when I saw it there

I wanted to stay.

Then tears welled up inside my eyes,

I knew it wouldn’t last

for every mother knows,

her children grow up way too fast.

Just then I put my chores aside

and held my children tight.

I sang to them sweet lullabies

and rocked into the night.

Sometimes we take for granted

all those things that seem so small.

Like one of God’s great treasures…..

a small handprint on the wall.

Tiny Handprints

Tiny handprints grow so fast

Their awkward groping soon will clasp

A ball, a book, a sweetheart’s hand,

A diploma, briefcase, wedding band.

Tiny handprints grow so strong

It doesn’t take them very long

To snap a shirt, to paint, to draw,

To labor hard, to drive a car.

Tiny handprints grow to be

A person that is quite unique

A wonderful mix of so many things

With his own feelings, thoughts and dreams.

Tiny handprints grow to rely

On his parents to bring him up just right

His parents pray that when he’s grown

He’ll say their job has been well done.

Tiny handprints are ours to love

The sweetest gift from God above

A miracle that never is surpassed

How sad they grow up way too fast.

My Handprints

My little hands play pat-a-cake

They play peek-a-boo and wave…

They catch me while I learn to walk

And splash me as I bathe.

My little hands reach up to you,

For hugs before I sleep…

And fold together when I pray

The Lord my soul to keep.

My little hands are tiny now

But yours will serve to guide me…

And when I’m grown I’ll still reach out

And know you’re right beside me.

And the one that Dominic brought home and started it all:

Sometimes you get discouraged

Because I am so small,

I always leave my fingerprints

On furniture and walls.

But everyday I’m growing

And I’ll be grown some day,

Then all those tiny handprints

Will surely fade away.

So here’s a little handprint

Just so you can recall,

Exactly how my fingers looked

When I was very small.

(All Authors Unknown)

Things to do

Go on. Give your little ones all the hugs and kisses you can give. Cherish them and love them. Take a good look at them, at their little hands and their little feet. Make clay figures of their hands and feet or simply print them on paper to help you remember how small they are now, the tiny hands that hold your big ones in complete trust.