Baby Clothes

The various kinds :

1. Tops

2. Pants

3. Rompers

4. Sleep suits

5. Booties

6. Mittens,

7. Etc, etc, etc

You baby will probably need a few pieces of each of the above basic stuff. A few key pointers :

1. Get several size larger

For newborns, get things that the baby can at least wear until 3 months; at 3 months, get things that are 6-12 months… get the idea. Firstly, you may never really know how big your baby is until it is born. For me, my babies are all so big when they were newborn they could not fit into newborn sizes within the first month. Anyway, I assure you your baby is going to look really cute in oversize stuff. Getting things several size larger ensures that you don’t have to keep buying clothes and the clothes you buy can actually last long. Furthermore, your friends and relatives are likely to get you baby clothing gift sets. These usually come in newborn sizes, so you really don’t need to get anything ‘newborn’ yourself.

2. Get more tops

You will be amazed how many tops the baby need! A baby will need a few changes a day, especially if your baby spits up often. If you buy oversize tops, you can start with about 10 pieces, provided you do laundry everyday or at least every other day.

Someone told me that for formula-fed babies, you need to wash the clothes immediately so that the spit ups don’t stain the clothes. You may wish to take note of this if you intend to feed your baby formula.

If you are like me, your baby won’t really need many bottoms because the disposable diapers now in the market are all very decently looking and can be worn on its own. Makes changing much easier. Bottoms are useful if your baby sleeps in an air-conditioned room and you want to ensure that it is warm; and when you bring your baby out. Sleep suits serve the same purpose – keeping your baby warm in cooler conditions. Otherwise, I feel that our tropical weather is just too hot for sleep suits.

3. Buy Button-front tops

Easier to wear than over-the-head kind of tops. Keep the pullovers until your baby’s neck is strong enough.

4. Stick to the basics

Try not to get too many frilly stuff. The frills are just going to irritate your baby. In our tropical weather, the simpler the clothes are, the better it is. You can, of course, get a piece or two of those nice ones for special occasions. The only question is how many times is your baby going wear them before it outgrows them. After all, special occassions are not very often and babies grow very fast.