I remember when we were young, my mom sterilised our bottles by boiling them in a pot. At that time, there were no sterilisers, I think.

Now, we are pampered with choices, even for sterilisers. Here are the different types available in the market :

1. Electric Steam Steriliser

2. Microwave Steriliser

3. Sterilising tablets

Of course, if you want to stick to the pot method, you can. (Make sure you boil the bottles for at least 20-30 minutes and don’t fall asleep while boiling the bottles!!) But it is definitely more convenient to use a steriliser.

I had not really done much research for sterilisers, honestly, but here are some pointers I gathered with my limited research :

1. Get a bigger steriliser

Electric steam sterilisers come mainly in the 2-bottles version and the 6-bottles version. I have seen a 4-bottles version from Mothercare but I only saw it once.

There is really no harm buying a 6-bottles version (other than the fact that it takes up more space). In fact, I recommend getting the bigger version. Bottles are not the only thing you are going to sterilise. You will need to sterilise pacifiers, breast pump parts, etc. The breast pump funnel, for instance, takes up some amount of space and may not fit into a small steriliser. Furthermore, to save time, you may want to sterilise more things in one go.

2. OEM

I noticed that some sterilisers are OEM. In other words, the same manufacturer basically manufactures the same parts for different brands. They just stick different labels for the different brands but everything else is essentially the same. The only other difference is the price. The more branded it is, the more expensive it is.

3. About Sterilising Tablets

Generally, it is more economical to use electric or microwave sterilisers. You will need to do a lot of steriling, which makes buying tablets uneconomical. The usefulness of sterilising tablets comes in when you have to travel or need to sterilise breastpump parts at work and can’t bring a steriliser around. Note that the tablets have a chlorine smell which many people are not used to. Also, some mothers complained that they change the ‘colour’ of plastic parts (I think from transparent to translucent/opaque).