Pasta in Soup or Stew

You can either use soup that you cook for the family (before adding salt and other flavouring), or just stock. Some good soup/stew to be used for this are minestrone, or just chicken soup with potatoes, onion and carrots, and beef stew. You can either mash up the ingredients with a fork before feeding, or like what I do for beef stew, put the stew through the blender for a few minutes.

For pasta, I recommend those 3-minute quick cook pasta becasue they are quick to cook and tend to be softer than the regular pasta. Use smaller pasta instead of spagetti or linguine type of pasta which are harder for you and your baby to manage. The tiny alphabet pasta works well as they are quick to cook too. Alternatively, you can use ‘mee suah’ (cut up).


handful quick cook pasta

1 cup soup/stew (blended for younger babies)



Cook the pasta as per the instructions on the packaging. For younger baby, you may want to cook a bit longer so that the pasta is really soft.

If necessary, chop the cooked pasta into even smaller pieces.

Add to hot soup/stew. Cool a bit and serve.