Breast Cream


I could not live without breast cream during the first few months of breastfeeding. Breast cream is essential for treating sore nipples. Some people might feel squirmy about applying breast cream and their babies eating the cream while feeding. Please don’t. Most of the creams in the market are edible. It is important that you treat your sore nipples so that they won’t become cracked nipples (which are even more painful). Apply as often as needed, after every feed if necessary.

What I use :


All time favourite is Lansinoh. It’s rather thick and sticky so you have to wear breast pads so that you bra won’t get stained. I use it as a barrier cream right before I shower to keep the water off my nipples.

Second favourite is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter breast cream. It is a gel and texture is not as thick or sticky as Lansinoh.