One of the things I find almost immediately after Dominic arrived, was that a baby uses a lot of towels, face cloth, etc. Here are some examples :

1. Swaddling cloth

2. Blankets

3. Bath Towels

4. Face cloth

5. Burp cloth (most babies spit up after feeding. Some more, some less. So you will need something to catch and clean up the spit-ups.)

6. Others

There is nothing much I can say about towels. Maybe except the following :

1. You don’t have to buy towels that are specially made for babies. They are more expensive. Towels are just towels. Ordinary towels that you use for yourself is good enough.

2. I find the gauze type face cloth the best for bathing a baby with. Imagine this, in one hand you will be holding a very fragile looking baby; your other hand is cleaning the baby with a face cloth. So how to wring properly? Gauze fabric is very easy to wring. You can squeeze with one hand and get most of the water out.

3. You know those gauze (muslin) fabric diaper we see in the department stores? To me, they are quite useless as diapers but very good as a burp cloth – big enough to catch disaster. When Dominic started teething, it was very good for catching his drool too. I usually lay one piece over my shoulder when I carry him so that his drool won’t wet my clothes. And if you are a breastfeeding mother, you can also use it as a cover-up cloth when you are feeding your baby in public (that is, if you are shy about it).

4. Getting a baby sleep positioner? No need. All you need to do is simply roll up two bath towels tightly and place one roll on each side snugly against your baby.