Changing Mat

Basically 2 kinds :

1. Thin Plastic

2. Rubber, like bubble wrap


1. Thin Plastic

This is good for bringing out as it is foldable and thin and light, although I personally seldom use it in public changing stations ‘cos I find it a bit squirmy to lay my clean changing mat on a public changing table. Who knows who have been using the table and how it was used and what kind of dirt and germs are on it? I generally find that they are not very well maintained and the last thing I want is to dirty my clean mat. One good way is to use large sheet of paper instead, like mahjong paper or brown paper (people wrap parcels with). Just use and throw away!

2. Rubber ‘Bubble Wrap’

Are you a compulsive ‘bubble burst-er’ like me? You may like this. I prefer this kind to use at home as it is heavier, thus stays in place better even with a very active baby on it. Another reason for my personal preference for this kind of mat is purely for nostalgic reason – I remember my mom using this when we were young. They can be a little harder to clean, though, because of all the groves between the bubbles.