Let me say it up front : you actually don’t need pacifiers. None of my kids used pacifiers. But I know how crazy the early days of having a baby can be, and I personally have nothing against using a pacifier. If you think it will help you and if you use it wisely, I don’t see why it cannot be used.

The most common reason against pacifiers: babies will get crooked teeth. Well, I’ve got news for you. I checked with my dentist and according to him, pacifier is fine provided the baby is weaned from it before the permanent teeth come out. So there you have it.

Some babies, especially in the first two months, are very very sucky and a pacifier can be a real sanity saver for the parents.

Pacifiers come in few shapes and sizes, and in latex and silicone (refer to More About Bottles). Just make sure that you get those newborn sizes. Most of them in the market now have flat teats. Then there are those weird, orthodontic shaped ones (if you still worry about teeth, this should set your mind at ease), and rarely do I see those with round – as in like a sphere/marble – teat.

I think any shape is fine, provided your baby is fine with it. You can either get different types and keep rotating so that you baby does not get attached to any particular one; or you can get a few of the same type so that in case one is lost, you have another on the standby. Some babies are so attached to a particular pacifier, nothing else will do. If the favourite one is lost, all hell break loose. So it might be a good idea for you to keep rotating.

Another word of caution is that if you are breastfeeding, you might want to use the pacifier sparingly, especially if breastfeeding is not yet established for you and your baby. This is because it might affect your baby’s latching on. So better to wait until your baby has learned to latch on properly. On the other hand, it seems to me that breastfed babies tend NOT to want pacifier. To them, it seems like nothing beats mommy’s breasts. And, like bottle teats, even though all claim to emulate mother’s nipple, I don’t think any woman’s nipple is shaped like an artificial teat.