Baby Wipes

There are about as many brands of baby wipes as there are diaper brands. Actually, most of them are more or less the same. To me, it’s the texture and the price that matter. You are going to use a lot of wipes on your baby, so price is really an issue (at least, with me). Apart from that, I don’t like wipes that have very strong fragrance. Fragrance is actually an irritant, which is why some cosmetics are ‘fragrance free’ – meaning that people with sensitive skin can use them. If your baby has diaper rash problem, you should really stay away from wipes that have fragrance in them.

A lot of brands (e.g. Pigeon, Johnson’s) have wipes in a variety of packaging – container, refill packs, refill pack with lid, small tissue size pack, etc. It is better that the first purchase be the container type. Thereafter, you will only need to get the refill packs.

The refill pack with lid are basically the same as the refill packs (i.e. soft packaging), except that it comes with a plastic lid. It’s good for bringing out ‘cos the lid is much better for keeping the wipes wet. The stick-on opening of the refill packs does not do a good job at preventing the wipes from drying up after some time, so they are only good as refill pack for the containers.

The smaller, tissue-size packaging is handy for bring out in your diaper bag also but they only come in the stick-on opening and therefore, if you take a long time to finish up one pack, you will find the wipes drying up. The saving grace is that ‘cos there are fewer sheets per pack, you will usually finish it before the sheets start drying up.

I should also point out that wipes are made up of chemicals. Some people don’t like the idea of using too much checmical on baby’s bottom. Some babies will get rashes because of the chemicals. If that is the case, you can easily make your own wipe solution or just use plain water and wipe dry with facial cotton or tissue paper.

Wipes DIY

Here’s how easy it is to make your own wipe solution :

1 cup of water

1 teaspoon of baby bath lotion(I prefer brands like Esentam)

A few drops of baby oil/olive oil (optional)

You can either soak your wipes in the solution and keep in a container (which means you can’t use tissue paper as they will turn into pulp in no time), or you can keep the solution in a squirt bottle and just squirt your baby’s bottom with the solution and wipe off with either cloth, facial cotton or tissue. I use the squirt bottle method with tissue paper.

What I am using

Apart from my squirt bottle of DIY wipe solution cum tissue paper, my favourite brand is Pigeon.