Si Shen (??) Porridge

Si Shen soup is a herbal soup known for improving appetite, improvement strength and calming nerves. It is commonly cooked for young children. The ingredients (for 3-4 servings) are :

30g Fu Lin 30g Lotus Seed 20g Qian Shi 20g Huai Shan (dried)

It is easier to buy ready packed ones from Chinese Medicine Hall or even some supermarkets. Take note, though, that the ingredients in some of these pre-packed soup ingredients are very much inferior in quality.



1. Instead of cooking stock separately, cook stock with the Si Sen ingredients and discard the ingredients (and sieve, if necessary) after that.

2. Cook porridge using the Si Shen stock, adding meat and veggies.



Eu Yan Sang actually has Si Shen in powdered form. Just add into the porridge. Save you the trouble of cooking from raw materials and you can add it to any kind of porridge you cook.