BWL : Owl Babies

This is a very simple book, very popular among children and adults alike.  I read the Chinese version to #3 first and even though it […] Read More

Yong Tau Foo

  This is one of my quick and easy one-pot dish.  I think you don’t need to be a cook to do this.  It is […] Read More

BWL : 忘了说我爱你

I love this new platform.  Now I can type Chinese characters!  So I can share the Chinese children story books that we love. My children […] Read More

Every Day Maths

Maths is everywhere.  With a little consciousness, you can instill Maths sense in your child in ordinary daily setting.  Instilling Maths sense is more important […] Read More


I declutter several times a year.  It is a necessary exercise because having too many things at home makes housekeeping difficult.  The logic is simple […] Read More

Tactile Cards Template for Volume 2 Uploaded

The templates for tactile cards for 四五快读 Volume 2 is now available for download here.   I was told that sometims 4Shared gets a bit […] Read More

Site Major Overhaul!

If you are looking for Parentingjoy, you are at the right place.  🙂 I just did a major revamp of the site and now it […] Read More

BWL : Mrs Piggle-Wiggle

Are you interested in “The Won’t-Pick-Up-Toys Cure” or “The Slow-Eater-Tiny-Bite-Taker Cure”?  Do you know what is Fighter-Quarreleritis?  Mrs Piggle-Wiggle is the Aunt Agony of all parents […] Read More

BWL : Mouse Mess

This book is special to us so I will start off with this book.  When #1 was little, we borrowed this book from the library […] Read More

Books We Love

When I was writing about reading, I realised that perhaps there are some of you out there who may need a bit more help in deciding […] Read More

Books and Youtube

Since I started teaching #3 at home, i have grown to love Youtube.  Youtube was great but now it is even better.  I used to […] Read More

Review : 四五快读 Chinese Literacy Programme

I have already introduced this programme in Chinese for a Preschooler. I have been using the 1st book for almost 1 year now and I am […] Read More

How To Make Tactile Chinese Character Cards

I shared in my Review for the ???? seriesthat I made tactile Chinese Character Cards to use in conjunction with the book.  This is a step-by-step instruction […] Read More

Baby Sleep Issues

This is probably rather late considering the article was dated a few years back.  The background is this : for years, there have been two […] Read More