I don’t update this site regularly like clockwork.  I try.  But sometimes life gets in the way.  Sometimes, I need inspiration.  More often than not, […] Read More

Hanyu Pinyin – When It Is Useful and When It is Not

One of my pet peeve is that most of the Chinese stories books sold in Popular are annotated with Hanyu Pinyin. When I was selling […] Read More


Um..no it is not the curry fish head. It is something I came across in someone’s blog one day and the post talked about core […] Read More

This Christmas, We Do Something New

Every Christmas, the kids get tonnes of gifts from various people, which makes Christmas their favourite holiday. They just cannot wait for Christmas Day to […] Read More

Advent Tradition

Advent is the period leading up to Christmas.  This year’s Advent started yesterday, 1 December, which is Advent Sunday.  Traditionally, this is a period of […] Read More

Giving Things Away

I declutter several times a year. There are things that we discard but there are also a fair amount of things that will be given […] Read More

I Finally Can Attend Speech Day

 I have not been updating much in the past few months due to the usual school exams, music exam and other commitments. This year is […] Read More

Hanyu Pinyin Game

  If I made flashcards, it is likely there are could be more stuff, especially when I am teaching my own kid. 🙂 So here […] Read More

How I Dealt with Whining

I do not know if this is some kind of developmental milestone. All my kids, when they were around the age of three, they started […] Read More

Hanyu Pinyin – When It Is Important and When It Is Not

It is important to know Hanyu Pinyin if you are learning Chinese. It is the romanised form of Chinese writing, which you need to know […] Read More

Teaching Hanyu Pinyin and Hanyu Pinyin Flashcards Printable

I have created a set of Hanyu Pinyin flashcards which I am making available for all to download.  The cards are meant to be big. […] Read More

My Newly Renovated Home

I have done up my flat in all white. I have white walls, white cabinets, white tables and white sofa. The only things that are […] Read More

How I Use Evernote to Manage My Home Renovation

Things have been pretty quiet here because we were renovating our place over the June school holidays, so I have been really busy with the […] Read More

What To Do When Your Child Comes Back with BluTac in His Hair?

Last week, my #2 had BluTac in his hair and he didn’t know how he got it, who stuck it in his hair, and didn’t […] Read More