Quick Meals

Yong Tau Foo

Modified Claypot Rice


Baked Rice or Pasta 

Theme and Variations of Simple Veggie Soup



Other Recipes

Minestrone Soup

Thai Style Chicken Salad

Simple Apple Sauce

Stew Pumpkin with Beef 

My Basic Chicken Stock

Ikan Bilis Powder



Breastmilk Boosting Recipes

Chokos Soup 

Herbal Carp Soup

Steamed Fish Steak

Fish Tail & Papaya Soup 

Prawns with Sesame Oil & Wine 

Soya Beans with Pig’s Knuckles



Fever Porridge 

Sweet Chestnut Porridge 

Beef and Leek Porridge

Beef & Pumpkin Porridge 

Chicken and Huai Shan Porridge

Basic Chicken Porridge

Grilled Fish Porridge

Fish & Seaweed Porridge 

Bell Pepper Chicken Porridge 

Life-saving, Quick & Easy Porridge II 

Fragrant Mushroom Porridge 

Porridge with Red Dates and/or Wolfberries 

Si Shen (??) Porridge 

Life-saving, Quick and Easy Porridge


Baby Food

Mashed Potato – 3 kinds

Beef Stew 

Tofu with Seaweed Soup 

Pasta in Soup/Stew

Life-Saving, Quick & Easy Meal 

Puree Vegetables 

Homemade Rusk (Bread Sticks)

Basic Brown Rice Cereal

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