Handprints for Memory

Dominic did a handprint Art & Craft activity in school for Mother’s Day this year (2004) and came back with a card with his handprint […] Read More

Preschools : What Are They?

┬áBeginning of last year, I went on a preschool hunt for Dominic. He was turning 3, and in view of the new addition to the […] Read More

Travelling with a Toddler

When Dominic was 15 months old, an opportunity came for us to go for an almost-free trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We had […] Read More

Air Travel Tips

Here are some tips on air travel with kids. Do note that situations vary from airline to airline, from aircraft to aircraft. When in doubt, […] Read More

More Difficult Now?

It is quite common among the people I know to believe that bringing up children was easier during our parents’ time than now. I think […] Read More

Cloth Diapering

In Singapore, seldom do you see people using cloth diaper. It’s is almost natural that parents will head straight to the nearest supermarket and grab […] Read More

When Your Baby Cries

It is definitely heartbreaking to hear your baby cry and cry and cry and you have no idea what is wrong with him or what […] Read More