New Parents – Being Mentally Prepared

Before the baby arrives, new parents-to-be enthusiastically look forward to the arrival of the new bundle of joy. Everything is lovely, everything is nice. It’s […] Read More

Baby Tub

Although you can bathe your baby in your own bathtub, or in a sink, it’s really handy to have a baby bathtub. I personally feel […] Read More

Baby Toiletries

Frankly speaking, your baby do not need to be bathed with any baby bath or soap. In fact, soap tends to strip off the natural […] Read More

Bottles Brushes

There is really nothing much to say except there are 2 kinds: 1. Cylindrical-shaped bristle/sponge head, with twisted wire handle 2. Like a gigantic toothbrush, […] Read More

Baby Monitor

It does not mean that you will only need this if you live in a big house. I find this item very essential even though […] Read More

Diaper Bag

You will definitely need a bag to contain all your baby’s necessities when you bring your baby out. In case you are wondering, you at […] Read More

Diapering Products

Just 2 main kinds to decide, which I assume most people will choose No. 2 : 1. Cloth Diapers 2. Disposable Diapers I will not […] Read More

Baby Wipes

There are about as many brands of baby wipes as there are diaper brands. Actually, most of them are more or less the same. To […] Read More

Parenting Philosophies – The Two Extremes

If you have been reading up on parenting, or parent craft, you may realise by now that there are so many different views on the […] Read More

“Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics…in that order”

I was thinking of a title for this section when I remembered a book that I read years ago. It’s title, “Lies, Damned Lies, and […] Read More