Page Corner Bookmarks Craft

  The littlest one is an avid reader and gets really upset if he loses the place in the book where he stops.  So his […] Read More

Butterfly Craft

I was inspired by this blog post to do this butterfly craft with #3.  It is a very simple craft that took us 3 days to […] Read More

Every Day Maths

Maths is everywhere.  With a little consciousness, you can instill Maths sense in your child in ordinary daily setting.  Instilling Maths sense is more important […] Read More

Books and Youtube

Since I started teaching #3 at home, i have grown to love Youtube.  Youtube was great but now it is even better.  I used to […] Read More

Review : 四五快读 Chinese Literacy Programme

I have already introduced this programme in Chinese for a Preschooler. I have been using the 1st book for almost 1 year now and I am […] Read More

How To Make Tactile Chinese Character Cards

I shared in my Review for the ???? seriesthat I made tactile Chinese Character Cards to use in conjunction with the book.  This is a step-by-step instruction […] Read More

Chinese For A Preschooler

My basic principle of teaching #3 Chinese is very simple. Read, read, read, read….read lots and lots of good children literature to him. The rest […] Read More

Reading…What Is It To You?

In our country today, most people view things with the end in mind. “What will this achieve?” “How will this benefit me?” “What kind of […] Read More

How I Ended Up Teaching The Youngest At Home

It was really unplanned. The original plan was to let #3 go to childcare some time in the middle of this year. Based on this […] Read More