10% Off Everything at Book Depository

Book Depository is having 10% discount on everything from now until 14 May 2012.  This time, it is really a straight-off discount.  You don’t have […] Read More

When Meals Have to be Settled Quickly and Simply

I have been sick for the past week and had to scale down on a lot of things because I was too sick to do […] Read More

Why We Did Not Sell Multimedia Learning Tools

A few years ago, my friend and I started a small eCommerce business selling mainly teaching and learning tools.  We sold a lot of mathematics […] Read More

Birth Experience is Important

Someone shared a link to this article on ‘birth trauma‘ and it brought back floods of memories of my own birth experience.  More specifically, it […] Read More

Place Value Mat

  I mention in my earlier post that I created a set of Place Value Mat that I use with my Base 10 Blocks.  I […] Read More

My Favourite Mathematics Manipulatives

I use mathematics manipulatives a lot to teach mathematics at home.  For very young children, who are very tactile and visual, the best way to […] Read More

Learning an Instrument

Of my three children, one is learning the piano and one is learning the violin.  As for myself, I learned the piano when I was […] Read More

Bilingualism : A Case Study of My Kids

My three kids have very different experience in learning Chinese and their language proficiency is very different as a result.  Same parents, different kids, different […] Read More


We just celebrated Chinese New Year last week and as usual, we visited the same people on the same days, did the same things, had […] Read More

Unit Study : Chinese New Year

Last year, I created materials for a unit study for Chinese New Year for my (then) 4 year old.  The materials are mainly for lap […] Read More

Sigh! Site Issues. When it rains, it pours!

If you find the site looking strange, it is because it IS strange.  Recently, this site was hacked into and a malware was planted.  When […] Read More

A Clean Kitchen

                  Everybody wishes for a clean kitchen.  In an asian kitchen, the elusive dream is to have […] Read More

Review : Emoti Talking Pen (易读宝)

During the June Holidays, I bought this Emoti Talking Pen at the Singapore Book Fair.  They had a booth there and were selling the pen […] Read More

四五快读 at the BookFest

I saw a whole table of 四五快读 at the Popular BookFest today! (I took a quick snap at the books, so the pic turned out […] Read More