Why I Decided to Stop Reading and Sharing “Greatness Of Mothers” Posts

DSCF0580It will soon be Mother’s Day and I thought I would write about something that has been on my mind for a while. A while back, I made a decision to stop reading and sharing those ‘Greatness of Mothers’ videos, posters, pictures and posts on social media. If you do not know what I am talking about, what I called ‘Greatness of Mothers’ posts are articles or videos or pictures that talks about how great it is to be a mom, how wonderful mothers are, what kind of sacrifices mothers have to make, how much is a SAHM actually worth, etc. I include similar stuff on wife and SAHM in the list.

The first reason for that decision is that such things always have a shade of desperation in it, like they are desperately soliciting sympathy and recognition from their audience. The second reason is that some of them promote this “us vs them” mentality, specifically “SAHM vs WOHM vs WAHM” mentality, which I do not like. Nobody is perfect and no role is the model role. We each do the best we can in the circumstances we are in and try to make the best decision we can for ourselves and for our families. I don’t see how putting one group of people down serves to boost the value of another.

Generally, I do not disagree with what they say in terms of the value of a mother or a homemaker. But after a while, it gets too much. I have reached this point where I am really getting tired of all these and no longer feel the need to keep trumpeting the merits of a wife, a mom or a SAHM. I don’t feel that I need the world to affirm my value and my worth. For this same reason, I do not think that I need to ask for government handouts similar to those given to working moms as a gesture to recognise my value as a SAHM.

Mainly, I don’t see any value in circulating these posts. As mothers and wives, no matter what kind of mother or wife we are (SAHM, WOHM, WAHM, Moms with maids, Moms without maids, etc), let us just be secure in ourselves and be kind towards one another.

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