F1 Race Chinese Vocabulary List

F1 carThis weekend is F1 weekend and here is the Chinese Vocabulary List for F1 race for you to teach and quiz your kids.  It is the SA2 exam period now.  Who knows?  Maybe this might come up at the oral conversation component.

Formula One, translated into Chinese is 一级方程式.  But I noticed that the local Chinese papers are simply referring to it as “F1”.  So I think it will be quite impressive if your kid can say 一级方程式.  Incidentally, the word ‘formula’, as in mathematics or science formula, is generally known as 方程式.

I did not include in the list but the current sponsor for the Singapore F1 race is Singapore Airlines, which, in Chinese, is 新加坡航空公司 ( xīn jiā pō háng kōng gōng sī ).  Previously, the sponsor was Singtel, which is 新电信集团 ( xīn diàn xìn jí tuán).

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