Two New Apps I Love

weaveI have mentioned about several apps that I find very useful and I love using them. I can’t believe I forgot to mention these two apps that I find very useful as well. For sure, they are not really new new. They are just newer to me compared to all the other apps that I have mentioned previously. The first is Weave by Intuit Inc. This is a very simple To-Do app which I find meets my needs very well. There are a lot of To-Do apps and I have tried a few of them. Weave is the one I like best. I am quite impressed with Trello as well, but I do not have complicated, collaborative projects to manage so Trello is quite an overkill.
Weave2What I need is a very simple To-Do management app that can :
1. Organise my To-dos by projects
2. Send reminders
3. Have recurring To-Do function for routine things

Weave is able to do all that. What is more, it incorporates information from my iCal. When I launch Weave, I literally see My Day, with all my appointments and things to do all lined up nicely in one glance.

I can set alerts and reminders and Weave will beep me every day of the things I need to do, based on due dates. Even when there are nothing on reminder, Weave reminds me to check my workplan for the day every morning.

There are other functions that Weave can do but are not necessary for me. One is tracking of expenses and tracking of time for each To-do. Weave also allows sharing of tasks, which I also do not use. It is a very simple, no frill app and is enough to manage simple To-Do lists.


camscannerAnother app that I find very useful is CamScanner. Basically what it does is to turn your smartphone into a scanner. How it does it is simply turn the picture you take with your phone camera into a scanned document (PDF). As a mom, I find this extremely helpful. First of all, I get lots of letters from school. I like to go paperless as much as possible, otherwise all that paperwork would be a nightmare to manage. Instead of scanning the letters with a proper scanner, which I find rather troublesome to do, all I have to do is to snap pictures of the letters and upload to cloud storage (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive), or in my case, my virtual filing system, Evernote!*

You may have encountered similar situation : you meet up with your fellow mommy friends and all of you start talking about school work. Someone produces some school notes or worksheets, which all of you want a copy of. Instead of borrowing the notes home to photocopy, now I can snap pictures of the notes. Camscanner supports AirPrint function so when I reach home, I can print the notes straightaway. Of course, this will only work if it is not a thick stack of notes. Once, #3’s violin teacher ran out of a particular piece of sheet music and I just snap a picture of her copy and went home to print.

The only downside to the free version of Camscanner is that there will be a watermark, basically a ad line indicating that the printout is done by Camscanner. The paid version does not have the watermark or advertisements. I managed to upgrade recently when Camscanner was having a special limited time promotion.

There are many apps that do the same thing, each with its own pros and cons, e.g. Scanner Pro. You may want to check out a few. By the way, just a tip : if you scan school letters, it is useful to name them by dates because schools usually refer to letters by dates.  This will make it easier for you to find the scanned letter again when you need to refer to it.

* I can actually do the same directly with Evernote.  But CamScanner is cool nonetheless.


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