Chinese Colour Match Printable

Year End Examination is over and I finally have time to post new things.  Here’s a new printable for Chinese – Chinese Colour Match.  Print the template out, laminate, and cut out the word cards portion.  You can use velcro dots (available in HomeFix and Art Friend), or any kind of temporary attachment to attach the word cards.  I simply use BluTac.

Remember, as with any teaching tools, this is not something to be given to a child and leave him to his own devises.  This is meant to be a tool for teaching, which means you have to actively teach the child how to say the colours in Chinese.  This can also be used to teach character recognition for the colours.  Make a game of it to make learning fun.




3 Replies to “Chinese Colour Match Printable

  1. Thanks for sharing your printables! Am teaching my daughter colours in Mandarin and this printable is a good matching game. Have a question, do you know whether 棕色 and 褐色 can be used interchangeably for the colour brown or do they refer to different shades of brown?

    1. Technically, they refer to different shades of brown. However, as there is really no specific colour scheme to differentiate one from the other, people have different interpretation of which is which. Generally, the two are used interchangeably to mean ‘brown’.

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