Masa Recipe 5 : Sake Steamed Assorted Seafood

Sake Steamed Assorted Seafood from Masa’a “Welcome to Bento Time” recipe book is definitely a Quick-and-Easy Meal to prepare.  This ones gets a thumbs up on all counts.  It is not only quick, but according to my family, it is delicious.

Putting everything in a pot took only 5 minutes.

The cooking time was longer than what was stated in the book though.  I think one possible reason could be because I used a claypot which took a longer time to heat up.  I cooked exactly the same amount as stated in the recipe (4 servings).  In fact, I cooked less because I omitted the squids.  But all in all, I had to extend cooking time by another 10 minutes in order for all the ingredients to be cooked.  The next time I will try using a stainless steel pot and see whether it would be faster.

(I forgot to take a picture once the dish was done.  It was kept under cover for a while before I remembered so the veggie looked a bit wilted. )

The family liked it.  Even the boy who doesn’t really fancy seafood liked it.  So this is a winner and I will definitely be making this again.

This Sake Steamed Assorted Seafood recipe is also available on Masa’s blog.  Although the ingredients are different, the method is the same.  So you can refer to it to make this super easy and quick meal on a busy day.


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