Masa Recipe 3 : Kinpira Style Stir-fried Pumpkin

Kinpira Style Stir-fried Pumpkin is the first recipe from Masa’s “Welcome to Bento Time” that I know I will not want to make again.  Why?  Because I dislike cutting pumpkin.  🙁

I dislike cutting pumpkin into chunks for stew pumpkin on a normal day.  Imagine cutting pumpkin into matchsticks like this :

It looks like a lot because it is a lot.  Pumpkin is one of my kids’ favourite – but not mine because of the cutting – and I was planning to make a double portion for the next day’s use.  So it was a lot of cutting involved.  A very painful thing to do, which I do not want to repeat again.  Even half that amount would be too much work for me.

Masa, as a pro, probably does not find cutting pumpkin a problem.  But I do hate cutting pumpkin and I hate to cut pumpkin into matchsticks the most after this experiment.

After what seemed like endless cutting, finally, the stir-fry part.  I did it batch by batch because there was a sauce involved and to make sure the pumpkin was seasoned evenly, I did not think stir-frying a huge batch was a wise move.  Altogether, I did it in 3 batches.  The first batch was a little over-cooked.  According to the recipe, the pumpkin is supposed to retain its crunchiness.  Because of the matchstick size, the pumpkin actually cooked and softened very quickly.  Hence, for subsequent batches, I had to speed up the cooking and remove the pumpkin matchsticks from the heat before they turned soft.

This is the final product.

Kids’ Verdict? They loved it.

My verdict : The taste is not bad actually, but it is not my favourite dish.  Maybe because I am not particularly fond of pumpkin.  But to eat pumpkin that still retains the crunchiness is interesting. I actually don’t hate it and may even prefer it to pumpkin that has been cooked soft.

As for how much time I took to cook this, I really don’t know.  Too long is all I know, because of all the cutting.  The time stated in the recipe is only 5 minutes!!!  However, that is because the amount is meant for 1 serving as a side dish, which means very little.  If I am cooking that small amount just as a bento filler, maybe the cutting would not be so hateful.  However, as a dish to be eaten by the family, this Kinpira Style Stir-fried Pumpkin will not do for me.  I hope the kids will not ask for it again.


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