Masa Recipe 2 : Chicken Breast Roll with Green Vegetable

The next recipe I tried from Masa’s “Welcome to Bento Time” is : Chicken Breast Roll with Green Vegetable”.  Once again, it was an incredibly easy dish to make.

chicken breast meat

Basically, it involves chicken breast meat,

and green vegetable that you can roll in the breast meat, like so :

The vegetable does not have to be asparagus.  It could be anything, such as beans.  The vegetable that Masa used was something I have never seen before locally, so I had to improvise and change it to asparagus.  He did say in the recipe that you can use any suitable vegetable.

The roll is panfried and then cooked with a soy-based kind of sauce.  The end result is something like this :

I made the sauce too thick. 🙁

The time stated in the recipe for 1 serving is 5 minutes.  I made 6 servings.  Took me about 20 minutes.  Amazingly easy and quick.

Kids’ verdict?  Very delicious!

The next time I make this, I will made some adjustments here and there.  But all in all, this one is a keeper.

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