Chinese Storybook Activities : 我的妈妈在哪里?

I started making up some storybook activities for #3 because unlike materials for English books, such things are virtually non-existent on the internet for Chinese children books.  To trawl internet sites for these materials is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  It is actually faster for me to make them myself.  Basically, they are like a ‘mini-lapbook’ elements.  You can actually make mini lapbooks out of them.

This is an example of a ‘mini lapbook’ that I made for the English picture book, Angus Lost.  I cut a normal file folder across in half and paste the elements inside.

Otherwise, you can paste them in an exercise book, like I do.  I have a book for the subject ‘Reading’ and it contains the activities and lapbook elements of all the books we did.

Kids in our country are in a strange kind of situation where some are able to converse reasonably well in Mandarin whereas others cannot string a sentence together.  For a lot of our kids, Chinese is actually no longer their ‘mother tongue’.  These are the kids who need to learn Chinese like a foreign language.  On the other hand, if we use the same method on kids who are actually conversant in Chinese, they will be very bored.  Because of this, getting materials off the internet pose a unique challenge : if I trawl China sites for materials, if I actually find them – they are too rare – they are most likely unusable for us because the target group of children are native speakers.  On the other hand, if I trawl non-China, English sites for them, and if I actually find them – they are rare too in these sites – they are also unusable for us because even though some of our kids basically can’t speak, they are still different from a foreign kid who is starting from zero.  The standard varies from kid to kid and the language environment also varies from kid to kid.    The materials that I made may be too simple for some kids, yet too difficult for others.  Please adapt and use accordingly.

The first one I am sharing is for this book :

This is a simple story about how a baby crocodile went around asking different animals whether they are his mother and each animal will ask him to do something, e.g. climb trees, to determine whether they belong to the same family.

The language is very simple and very repetitive.  So it is good for learning grammar and sentence structure.  You can also use the book to teach quantitative terms (量词), the vocabulary for different animals, and discuss how to describe mothers and different animals.

The activities in the pdf file are very limited and do expand with your own ideas.

I received this book through a magazine subscription and frankly, I do not know if you can find it in the bookshops. Try Maha Yuyi 友谊.  This is a translation from an English children book and you can find the English version from Book Depository .  You can also try looking for the Chinese version on 当当网 or 淘宝.  If you really cannot find this book and want to have a look at it, drop me a message.

Here are some pictures of how I pasted the elements in an exercise book :




The file can be downloaded here.  Please refer to the Terms of Use for use of printables from this site. If you used and blogged about this, do link your blog back to this site!

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this! Really useful for use with my girl. Btw, I have been using your Chinese word templates for 四五快读 but noticed that you stopped at Book 2. Will you be adding Books 3-6 to the templates? If not, could you advise on the font you used so that I can attempt to make them myself? Many thanks!

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