When Meals Have to be Settled Quickly and Simply

I have been sick for the past week and had to scale down on a lot of things because I was too sick to do much.  For SAHM like me, when we are sick, we seldom have the chance to just sleep throughout the day and rest.  Laundry still has to be done or else the kids would have no uniforms.  Kids have to be fed, fetched and ferried to and from school and classes.  I was sick for several days already but still managed to pull myself together to deal with the necessary work. Hubby has been most helpful even though he too was under the weather.  Cleaning can take a backseat.  I would not have the energy to do it anyway.  Thank God the weekly major house-cleaning was done before I seriously had to admit defeat to the bug.  The other must-do thing was to get the meals out.

It is terrible to think of cooking when you have no appetite to eat.  That was why for all my pregnancies, I declared kitchen closure for the first trimester until I got my tastebuds back.  Back then it was easier to close my kitchen because I didn’t have three kids to feed.  Now, I have three boys and one of them is a pre-teen with a yo-yo appetite that could be normal one day and demanding for 3 servings on another day.  I can’t just declare kitchen closure.  Even though I have no appetite to eat, the kids and the man have to.  It is actually easier for me if THEY have no appetite to eat because it means I don’t have to cook! 😀  But then I would be worried sick about them if that is the case.

I didn’t realise just how useful it is to have ‘reserves’ until the ‘reserves’ have to be drawn upon during this period of sickness.  Over the last one week, a combination of the following helped settle the meals :

Stash of Frozen Stock

Only in this case, it was stock that I made meant for freezing, just before I became really sick.  On the day it was done, my hubby made macaroni soup for everyone (with instructions from me on how to do it).  We had it again for lunch the next day.  For another dinner, part of the stock was used to make a big pot of chicken porridge.  The younger boys had leftovers the next day.

I still have stock stash in the freezer, so we can whip up a quick and simple meal any time.

Frozen Meals

Frozen Shepherd’s Pie I made some time ago, and frozen leftover minestrone soup settled another dinner for us.  I still have frozen meals enough to at least feed the boys three meals.  Adults can simply make do.  The one sick couldn’t be bothered to eat anyway.

Easy Meals

Plain porridge is easy to cook.  We fried up some eggs and SPAM to go with it. It is not the most nutritious meal but it would have to do.  On days that I didn’t feel so sick, I cooked up simple dish-and-rice meals.  Dishes had to be quick and simple to do, like teriyaki chicken.  Nothing that requires a lot of cutting, preparing and multiple-steps cooking.  I remember one of the days last week, when I was down, the kids demanded hubby for simply fried eggs with plain rice, drizzle with a bit of soy sauce.  This is certainly something he can handle and he gladly did it for the kids.  Now, if I were him, I would have cut up some tomatoes and cucumbers to complete the meal.  Then again…….. Anyway, that brings me to another point : cucumbers and tomatoes can make up for the loss in veggie dishes.  Lettuce too.  No cooking required.  Somehow, through divine intervention I guess, we bought quite a bit of fruits just before this bug hit me.  So at least we have fruits.

Tonight, I am just going to toss some cooked rice in pasta sauce that I made some time ago, sprinkle cheese on top and make baked rice.  Add chorizo (easy to cut and prepare) and frozen peas and corn to it as well.  I am sick but I can still manage this.

Take Outs

We had take-outs too.  At least we didn’t have to eat take-outs every single meal.  I would have permanently lost my appetite if I had to eat take-outs every day.

So this is how we have been “subsisting” while I am recuperating from the nasty bug.  I am still recovering.  When I am well again, I will definitely build up my stash of reserves again.


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