Free Preschool Printables

As I mentioned in New Direction, I am currently teaching my little preschooler at home. Although it looks like a lot of things, a lot of work, but actually, I only go to a few sites to get my stuff. Thank God a friend gave me some of the links and from there I found more. I haven’t found a site that is a one-stop place to get everything yet. Confession of a Homeschooler is as close as it can get for alphabet stuff, and Homeschoolshare for other stuff. Even if the site has a complete set of curriculum free for download, I have yet to find one that completely suit my needs.

Hence, the need to surf around to get bits and pieces of stuff from here and there. Some days, I get lots of stuff from a few places. Somedays, I need to surf a little harder to find more things. And then there are days I actually have to create my own stuff to make up for the shortfall. Thank God that does not happen often and even when it does, the things that I have to create from scratch are usually easily done. Most of the time, going through these few sites will suffice.

I am listing the sites down here to share with everyone :

1. Homeschoolshare

– This is a treasure trove of lapbooks, FIAR, Unit Study Materials. I rely heavily on its Alphabet Notebook/lapbooksection.

2. Walking By the Way

– I believe she is the creator of Homeschoolshare.

3. Confession of a Homeschooler

– This is another one that I rely on heavily. Excellent site! Her alphabet stuff is available for free download and printing. That is a lot! If you wish to have all the stuff in one go, you can pay for it. The cost is pittance compared to the amount of work that has gone into the creation of the curriculum.

– Besides her Letter of the Week curriculum, she also has other stuff for downloads.

4. Making Learning Fun

– Another treasure trove full of ideas and templates.

5. Homeschool Creation

– In comparison, this site has less printables. However, I still like this site very much cos her ideas are often very refreshing. She is also a bit more ‘arty’.

6. ABC & 123 Learning

– This site is not that useful. It is a collaborative efforts of a few homeschool mommies to put together and share ideas. Unfortunately, it is the same few homeschool mommies, e.g. from Confession of a Homeschooler, Homeschool creation, etc. And they often get ideas from each other anyway. So you see a lot of repetition. Some of them use ready-made stuff that you have to buy (like curriculum books), so it is not something you can download for free. Still, it is good for getting ideas and inspiration.

7. 1+1+1=1

– I used to like this site a lot. They have a nice lapbook section where I got some of my nice lapbook materials. However, in terms of curriculum stuff, this site is a little lacking and lately, they are also starting to charge for some of their materials.

– What this mommy does is very Bible based, and since that is not the direction I am taking, her stuff are not as relevant. But I am sure mommies who are looking for bible-based material will find this site useful.

8. Preschool Express

-This site does not have much printables but is great for activity ideas!

9. Handwriting pages.

– I get the alphabet tracing pages from here. There are a few things I want for tracing pages :

1. They must have a full page of dotted alphabets for tracing

2. Must not have empty lines for independent writing – cos this is still beyond Roll Roll’s skill.

This site has nice worksheets that meet my needs.

There are actually plenty of worksheets sites like but I am consciously trying not to rely too much on worksheets. Worksheets give me the chills. Ugh.

I am very grateful to these mommies who so generously offer their materials for free. Lots of time and effort have gone into the creation of these materials. They could have charge a fee for them and earn some money to supplement their income. These mothers are indirectly contributing to #3’s education.

Besides printing stuff off these sites, there are some standard stuff that I have created myself. Not much yet, but there are some. I am happy to share with everyone and will try to gradually put them up for downloading. This is my way of paying it forward.

As a start, I just created a set of Alphabet Memory Game cards (see pic above)  to play with #3 as part of our Alphabet Review. To download, click here.