New Direction

 It is apparent that I have not updated this site for a long, long time.  I apologise for that.  A few reasons :

1. I have been too busy ever since #3 came along.
2. I kind of “lost my steam” for baby and parenting stuff
3. I was kind of at a crisis point, wondering whether I should continue with this or not
4. The friend who had been helping me with the technical aspect of this site passed away.

So, now, after such a long hiatus, looks like I am back.  Much has happened and going forward, if I do pick up the momentum to continue this site again, I will probably do lots of changes, mainly to simplify things.  At the same time, I am also excited because I have new experience I can’t wait to share.  I have learned new and interesting things that I can write about.  For instance, I am currently “homeschooling” my #3 at home and there are so many interesting to write about that.

At this point,  I can foresee :
1. I am going to take a more informal approach.  I am going to stop doing a lot of ‘administrative’ stuff like posting updates (like the one I am doing right now).  In a way, it is going to be kind of like a blog-style thing.  I will post whatever comes to mind and try to shove it in a category where it best fits.

2. This means that things will be, hopefully, more spontaneous.  It will also mean that I will mull over things less.  In the past, I used to write tonnes of stuff (still unpublished!), mull over them for ages, before decided to publish them.  I would gather information, check facts, check hyperlinks, etc.  Not that I would be going to the other end of the extreme but I hope readers will forgive me if I become a little more laid back in this aspect.

3. I will take off some parts of this site that I no longer wish to maintain.  The first to go would be the mailing list.  The gallery probably will go too.  My aim is to make maintaining this site as pain-free as possible so that I would be motivated to keep it going.  Right now, the technicalities scare me too much.

4. Parenting and baby stuff are constantly changing, and there will always be new information, new research and new perspective.  However, I have “crossed over” from babydom and moved on in life.  My kids are older now.  I am now in the ‘schooling kids mom’ stage.  Breastfeeding and diapering are no longer part of my life.  I don’t intend to spend time keeping myself updated on the latest and the newest.  I don’t have the time.  Hence, this site will move on to become less of an ‘information’ site. But I will continue to share whatever I know.  If I come across things that I think readers need to know, I will still share.  But do understand that I am not very likely to post up new baby food recipes, or the latest brand of fancy diapers or reviews of the latest brand of breastpumps.

I have grown, from when I first started this about 9 years ago as a new mom, to now, I am a mom of school-going kids and a mother of 3.  Some of my perspective has changed over time definitely.  Instead of changing articles written in the past, I am going to leave them there.  There are plenty of mommy blogs now compared to 9 years ago.  Information on the latest and fanciest baby stuff are easily available compared to in the past.  It’s like every mom out there has a blog and is more than eager to share parenting tips.  Things were definitely not like this 9 years ago.  Do I want this to be another dinosaur of mommy blog?  Another one of the many? If you have been reading this blog all these years, you may notice the change.  The tone.  The perspective.  Boy, do I feel old!

(Btw, due to migration of site, and other unexplainable technical going-ons, the date stamp on the articles are not a reliable indication of when the articles were written.  For instance, when I migrated the whole chunk of articles written way, way in the past, they will appear to have the same date cos that would be the date of migration. )

I hope readers will see this site differently from other mommy blogs.  My focus has always been on the readers.  My objective has always been to bless the readers.  Before I write something, the first question is always : is this something someone will find useful to know?  You will not find me inanely describing my day or ranting about a bad encounter somewhere or agonising over school/teacher/etc choice, and the usual blog stuff.  I have other avenues for that. 🙂

So that’s all for now.  I hope readers will like the new things and the changes.

And Yay!  I managed to do this update without ending up on technical snafu!

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