Snack Boxes

Since my son started primary school, I have been making snack boxes for him everyday.  I started learning about snack boxes, mainly Japanese Bento culture, and have learned quite a bit of new and interesting thing.  I have been hooked since and thought it would be nice to share my new interest.

There are a lot to learn about Japanese bento culture but because I am only making snack boxes and not a full-meal packed lunch, I just glean the basics that I need.  There are lots of resources on the net and if you can read Japanese, the wealth of information is even greater for you to explore.

I am not going to write a Bento 101 article because I don’t think I know enough to write about it.  But I will tell you where are my favourite sites so you can check them out for yourselves.1. Lunch in a Box– Done by an American who stayed in Japan for several years.  This is the site for your Bento 101 information in English.  There are plenty of tips on making speedy lunch boxes which is great if you do not want to spend too much time putting things together.

2. Just Bento

– No fuss style of packed lunches.  The focus is to have healthy and delicious pack lunches.  Aesthetic is secondary.  Many ideas for simple meals.

3. Cooking Cute

– Another site with many useful tips.

4. Daily Bento

– If you can read Japanese, here’s where you get to see authentic, aesthetically appealing bentos.  Even if you cannot read Japanese, you can glean ideas from looking at the pictures alone!

There are also online communities of bento makers, where people share their creation.  It is great for getting ideas because sometimes, we really need some external source of inspiration.

As for books, in the local bookshops, I have not been able to find any English language book on bento making.  I can only find decent bento-making books in the Japanese books section of Kinokuniya, and yes, they are all in Japanese.  You can find very pictorial ones which can be easily understood by looking at the pictures.  Since I am only interested in snack items or finger food, books on appetisers, tapas, finger food and party snacks are also a good source of inspiration.

Finally, click here to see the pictures of the snack boxes I made for my son.