Simple Apple Sauce

ImageApple sauce is very simple to make. It is great to have some on hand because everyone in the family loves it, especially the kids. You can give it to your baby just as it is, use it in your cooking, spread it on bread for the kids in place of the sugar-laden jams, use it as a dip, and during Christmas, it goes very well with turkey and ham. Try it instead of cranberry sauce next Christmas. Apple sauce is also wonderful with pancakes. Dominic prefers it to maple syrup.

Here’s how I make my apple sauce. You can also make pear sauce the same way.


5 red apples – I usually use royal gala because they are cheap and generally very sweet. It does not really matter what type, except the taste might be a bit different. You can also use a mixture of apples and pears.

Cinnamon powder

1/2 cup water (optional)

Honey/Sugar (optional)


1. Peel and cut the apples into chunks. Put them into a small pot. You may wish to add a little water, depending on your pot, to prevent the bottom from burning. I normally don’t because the apples will release the juice when they are cooking.

2. Cook the apples on low fire until they are soft. Poke them with a fork to test whether they are ready.

3. Pour everything from the pot into a blender, add a dash of cinnamon powder, and blend into a puree.

4. I usually don’t add any sugar or honey as I find that the sauce is sweet enough as it is. However, feel free to add some honey or sugar to taste if you want it sweeter. Take note that honey should not be given to babies below 12 months.


Yield : About 2 to 2 1/2 jam jars (about 340g size)

To store

1. Sterilise the jam jars in a pot of boiling water for 15-20 minutes.

2. Remove the jars from the boiling water with a pair of tongs. Immediately pour in the hot, blended apple sauce and shut the jars tight.

3. Store in fridge.