Going Forward – What To Expect

A lot of breastfeeding resources (whether in the form of books or information from the internet) concentrate a lot on the ‘getting started’ part of […] Read More

Review : Water Cushion

Purpose : Fever management I think this was originally used by taxi drivers or basically vehicle drivers. They sit on it and I suppose it […] Read More

Review : MotherMates Hydrogel Discs

Purpose : Sore/Cracked Nipples These are hydrogel dressing using the concept of ‘moist wound healing’. They are supposed to be useful for sore and cracked […] Read More

Review : Lansinoh Breast Cream

Purpose : Sore/Cracked Nipples The only one endorsed by the La Leche League International, this breast cream is a must-have for all breastfeeding mothers. It’s […] Read More

Review : Clarins Body Treatment Oil “Tonic”

Purpose : Stretch Marks This is meant for firming and is supposed to be great for stretch marks. Do take note that there are 3 […] Read More

Stew Pumpkin Beef

Ingredients 1 onion, chopped 1tbs minced garlic ½ pumpkin, cut into chunks ½ cup minced beef ½ cup green peas ½ – 1 cup Stock […] Read More

Making Baby Food At Home

Dominic was introduced to solid food when he was 6 months old. I have been cooking his baby food from scratch. Instant cereal was only […] Read More


I am a sucker for frozen food. Not those frozen meal-in-bag thing you buy from the supermarket. But homemade frozen food. That’s one way I […] Read More

Grilled Fish Porridge

The grilled fish gives a fragrance to this porridge. Ingredients A slice of fish fillet (e.g. threadfin or cod) Veggie or dried seaweed 2tbs minced […] Read More

Basic Brown Rice Cereal

This is the first brown rice cereal #1 had when he first started solids. His first food. Simply add milk, expressed breast milk, veggie puree, […] Read More

Steamed Fish Steak

Basically, eating a lot of fish is supposed to help increase your milk supply. So remember to eat a lot of fish during your confinement. […] Read More

Herbal Carp Soup

Yet another fish dish! You can get ‘tung choe’ (Cantonese) or ‘Tong Cao’ (mandarin) from medicine hall. It is a herb used in Chinese herbal […] Read More

Toys Management

Is your home overflowing with toys already? Are you or your child’s caregiver constantly picking up toys that seem to lie here, there and everywhere […] Read More

Fish & Seaweed Porridge

Ingredients A slice of fish fillet (e.g. threadfin or cod) ½-1 tbsp Dried seaweed, cut into tiny pieces 1½ cups stock ½ cup rice   […] Read More