Nursing Wear

ImageIt is definitely more convenient to breastfeed when you are wearing nursing wear, rather than normal clothes. It allows for easy access to your breasts and discreet breastfeeding. It is not absolutely necessary, especially if you have no qualms about lifting up your top in public places to feed your baby. However, if you are shy about it, do get at least one piece on standby so that you can wear it to your post-natal check ups, etc. I didn’t think of this and almost had nothing suitable to wear to the doctor’s. Thank God dear hubby has the foresight to get me a piece just before the appointment.

Nursing wear may not be so easy to find in the stores. Most of the time, you can only find maternity wear. Here’s where you can get some real nice nursing wear:

Mothers en Vogue

{Update : I realised that a lot of online shops have closed, including the ‘institution’ Moms in Mind. ┬áSuch a pity. ┬áThe good news is that these days, it is easy to find nursing wear at Maternity retail shops.}

Another source is to buy online from overseas but they are much more expensive.

Do not have the mentality that you will only get nursing wear after you are sure you can get on with breastfeeding. The fact is that nursing wear makes life a lot easier for you and hence, will improve your chances of succeeding at breastfeeding. You are less likely to give up because breastfeeding (in public places) is too troublesome. Get one or two basic pieces first, if you are hesitant of investing so much in one shot. Then gradually add on later.

It is also good to buy a bit at a time because you may not be wearing the same size a few months after your baby is born.