Baby Tub

Although you can bathe your baby in your own bathtub, or in a sink, it’s really handy to have a baby bathtub. I personally feel squirmy about bathing my babies in the sink, especially the kitchen sink! A lot of bathtubs come with a special support for small infant, but I think those are quite unnecessary.

Then there are those sold-separately bath seat and bath support for older babies. I have not used any so I can’t comment on whether they are useful. But I can tell you that they are not necessary for ‘survival’, especially after your baby is able to sit up on his own.

If you do get one of those bathtub with stand, (it’s actually a good idea to get those so that you won’t have to strain your back when picking up your baby from the bathtub on the floor) make sure it is stable. Again, these are not absolutely necessary. You can just put the bathtub on a table.

Word of warning :

NEVER leave your baby in the tub without supervision. Not even for a second. Just think how long it takes for the baby to fall over or drown. Not that long. Certainly not as long as saying ‘Hello? Wrong Number!’ on the phone.

Note : if you are birthing in Mt. Alvernia hospital, you don’t need to buy a baby bathtub because the hospital will give one to you FREE!