Baby Toiletries

Frankly speaking, your baby do not need to be bathed with any baby bath or soap. In fact, soap tends to strip off the natural oil from the skin.  Remember : Less is more.

However, most parents would like their babies to smell nice (the Baby Smell). Just make sure that the pH value of the bath is slightly acidic – around 5.5 – as this is the natural pH balance of our skin. And try to get soap-free type where possible.

Lastly, you will most likely be getting samples (eg. from ‘mother’s bag’ from the hospital). Try out the samples first before getting the one you really like. After all, the sole purpose for your baby smelling nice is to please you.

A word on Powder

Since I am on this subject of ‘smelling nice’, I want to highlight the fact that it has been said that talcum powder is not only unnecessary, but also can be dangerous to the baby.

Most people use powder for ‘smelling nice’ and for the treatment of diaper rash, when in actual fact, powder tend to aggravate diaper rash. The powder ‘cakes up’ when come in contact with urine and irritates the skin even more. On top of that, fragrance used in powder also can be an irritant to the skin.

Talcum powder is usually made up of various combinations of zinc stearate, magnesium silicates, as well as other silicates which are finely ground. The size of particles is so small that they are both easily carried in the air like dust and can reach even the smallest areas of the lung. Aspiration of powder can lead to life-threatening conditions, and even death.

Having said all that, I must say that I do use baby powder now and then. I just make sure that I keep the powder away from my baby’s face.

Pigeon has a range of baby powder that are in compact form, like our pressed powder. They are better because there is less chance of powder particles flying all over the place.

These days, you can also find ‘liquid powder’ from some specialty shops. Again, they are better because powder particles won’t fly all over the place while you are apply it.